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      Check out some of my travels and adventures through web journals I’ve kept over the years.


      I’ve archived some of my non-blog writing, including published works, here.

      Lincoln Research

      I focus much of my research on Abraham Lincoln—his youth, his life, and his legacy.

      From the Blog

      ALA Lincoln Birthday Events

      ALA Lincoln Birthday Events

      The Abraham Lincoln Association's annual event celebrating Abraham Lincoln's birthday has come to a close. The Benjamin P. Thomas Symposium featured Carl Guarneri, Manisha Sinha, and Jason Emerson. I was honored to join my colleague Bill Bartelt for the Dr....
      Our American Story on Audible

      Our American Story on Audible

      The audiobook for Our American Story is now available on Audible here. Our American Story features leading thinkers from across the political spectrum—Jim Banks, David W. Blight, Spencer P. Boyer, Eleanor Clift, John C. Danforth, Cody Delistraty, Richard A. Epstein,...
      The Return of North & South Magazine

      The Return of North & South Magazine

      North & South is back. The magazine ("The Official Magazine of the Civil War Society") previously operated from 1997 to 2013 as a staple in the Civil War historical community. Founder and editor Keith Poulter explained the return: With the...

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